ADA Offers Dentistry in Long-term Care Online Course

American Dental Association (ADA)
American Dental Association (ADA)


Alan Kratenstein has accumulated over 25 year of private practice in general dentistry office, including implants and full mouth rehabilitation. A graduate of the New York University School of Dentistry, Alan Kratenstein also serves as a member of the American Dental Association (ADA).

ADA advocates for oral health and patient-centered oral health care, and represents over 159,000 members. Established in 1859, the association commits to providing its members with resources that can help them improve their practice. To foster the success of its members, ADA offers continuing education programs, such as the online course Dentistry in Long-term Care: Creating Pathways to Success.

Through the Dentistry in Long-term Care curriculum, dentists learn how to extend their practice to assisted living facilities, such as nursing homes and retirement centers. ADA created this program to address the oral health care needs of a rapidly increasing senior population. This class equips dental professionals with skills needed in order to provide oral care in nursing home facilities, such as identifying how long-term care facilities are organized as well as legal and regulatory compliance considerations. ADA’s Dentistry in Long-term Care course provides dental professionals 10 hours of additional continuing education credit.